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Marcação CE nos EPI’S PLANIMOLDE – Óculos e Viseira de Proteção

Marcação CE – Os nossos óculos e viseiras de proteção cumprem a regulamentação europeia para EPI (Reg UE 425/2016) e as normas EN166 e EN168, não apresentando riscos quando em contacto com a pele.

Os óculos de proteção são compostos por: lente e hastes em policarbonato com proteção lateral

As viseira de proteção é composta por: Viseira em policarbonato, Suporte em polipropileno e Faixas Reguláveis em borracha.

O policarbonato confere aos óculos e viseira características de boa visibilidade, leveza, robustez e resistência à quebra, tendo bom comportamento ao embaciamento.

Fomos reconhecidos pela DGS e pela ASAE como potenciais fornecedores de Óculos e Viseiras de Proteção. Conforme informação constante no site da DGS.

A declaração de conformidade pode ser encontrada no nosso site:

Para encomendas/pedidos de cotação:

Viseiras e Óculos de Proteção

A Planimolde, numa altura de grande necessidade e carência de material de proteção individual e de equipamento médico, alargou a sua área de atuação, iniciando vários projetos de desenvolvimento de produtos na área da saúde e COVID19. Os primeiros produtos são a Viseira de Proteção e os Óculos de Proteção.

A nossa Viseira e óculos de proteção obedecem aos mais altos rigores de qualidade e exigência.

A Viseira de Proteção fabricada em Policarbonato confere elevada proteção à projeção de partículas sólidas e liquidas, cobre todo o rosto, é reutilizável, inquebrável, com bom comportamento à transpiração, passível de desinfeção com desinfetantes alcoólicos ou clorados, ajustável, de fácil montagem, leve e com elevado conforto em utilizações de longa duração.

Os óculos de proteção são fabricados em Policarbonato, inquebráveis, com proteção lateral e superior e hastes dobráveis, construídos de acordo com as normas de referência e requisitos legais, protegendo assim os olhos contra a  projeção de partículas, salpicos e aerossóis, de secreções respiratórias e outros produtos biológicos, sendo fornecidos em embalagem individual.

Para mais informações contacte-nos através do e-mail ou do número 244 574 850 e confirme a qualidade dos nossos produtos.


Planimolde participated once again, for the second time, at the K’2019 show.

Considering the importance of this event to our Industry we are proud of the success it was.

It was with great pleasure that we’ve shown what Planimolde is capable of and our innovations.

We would like to thank our customers and all our visitors in general that made this event a key event for Planimolde.


Kunststoffen 2019

Planimolde will be present at  Kunststoffen 2019, stand no 250, between 25th and 26th September in Veldhoven, Holanda.

You can schedule a meeting by the following contacts:


We will be glad to see you there!

Industry Week- Leiria In

Last 09th July our general director, Mr. Telmo Ferraz, was invited to speak to a group of young students who participated in the project “Industry Week – Leiria In”. At this event the successful businessman had the opportunity to talk about his life journey.

“Leiria In” is an initiative organized by the Insitute IPLeiria and by the journal “Fórum Estudante” in partnership with the City Councils of Marinha Grande and Leiria.

Automotive Meetings Madrid

Our commercial and project leader Cláudia Jorge traveled to Spain in order to participate on the Automative Meetings Madrid that took place on 26th and 27th June 2019.

At this B2B we wanted to present and let know our services to potential new clients as well as to strengthen our presence in the tooling industry.

II Inter-Company Competition

Over the last month our Planimolde team participated at the II Inter-Company Competition organized by the Martingança Sports Group.

This competition gathered 24 teams from severalcompanies of the district of Leiria. PLANIMOLDE conquered 9th place .

We congratulate our employees for all the commitment, fair play and dedication shown during the competition and for the determination to stand for the colors of our company.


May is our month. This year we’ve commemorate our 41st anniversary. We want to thank you to all our old and current workers for their contribution that allow us to keep strong in the moulds industry.

Suppliers, clients, friends and employees these 41 years are also yours for continuing alongside with us in the daily challenges to which we are proposed.

Thank you so much and Happy Birthday!

ISDOM students visit Planimolde

On the 10th of April, the students from the Graduation in Human Resources and from the Technical Degree in Human Resources Management from ISDOM (Higher Education Institute D. Dinis from Marinha Grande) visited Planimolde with the aim of getting to know the entrepreneurial reality of this industry. Within this visit the students had the chance to present several questions in order to better understand the implementation of theoretical concepts addressed at the lectures.
These school trips to our companies allow the students not only to get closer to the companies of our region, but also to have a better perception of the organizational and professional world, as well as to better perceive what they can expect in the future.

Image and Article: Jornal da Marinha Grande

Einweihung unserer neuen Halle

Am 24. Mai 2018 wurden zwei neue Hallen der Firma PLANIMOLDE eingeweiht in der sich nun der Bereich die Montagelinie und Anpassung der Werkzeuge und unsere neue Spritzgusseinheit befindet:


In diesem Bereich wurde ebenfals ein kleines Museum angeschafft, mit einigen Erinnerungen der Firma der letzten 40 Jahre:

In dem unten angegebenen link folgt ein Dokumentar, der zu diesem Anlass entworfen wurde mit einer Rede von unserem Geschäftsleiter Herr Telmo Ferraz.

PLANIMOLDE 40. Jubiläum

Planimolde hat am 15 Mai 2018 Ihren 40. Jubiläum gefeiert. Eine Geschichte von 40 Jahren Geschichte mit vielen Eroberungen sowie Niederlagen die uns zur Firma wandelte die wir heute sind. Unsere Geschichte bildete sich nicht nur durch diejenigen die heute noch hier arbeiten und täglich streben um den Zielen unserer Kunden zu entsprechen aber auch durch diejenigen die bisher auf direktem oder indirektem Wege zu unserer Stellung als führendes Unternehmen in dieser Branche beigetragen haben.

Hiermit möchten wir uns bei allen Lieferanten, Kunden und Freunden von PLANIMOLDE bedanken. Vielen Dank dass ihr diese Geschichte mit uns gebildet habt. Auf das wir weitere 40 Jahre gemeinsam bilden können.



“Social Responsibility” Distinction

For the second year running, Planimolde was awarded with the prestigious distinction “Social Responsibility” by the IPL Leiria (Higher Education Institute), by NERLEI (Regional Entrepreneurial Association) and by CEFAMOL (Portuguese Association for the Mould Industry) for the best social standards and policies, namely for the support in executive training and research.

Quality Certification Renewed

img-120172109-0001.pdfAfter the last audit to our company last December, where for the 3rd consecutive year there were zero non-conformities detected, we are pleased to announce that we have just received our new ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification with validity until 15/09/2018.

Thank you for visiting our stand at Fakuma 2015

Stand FAKUMA 2015 (38)Dear visitors and customers,

We would like to thank you for visiting our stand at Fakuma 2015.

It has been a long time since our last appearance at Fakuma and this year we wanted to show you our new image and ongoing projects. We feel very happy with the success of the fair, having received many visitors and customers as well, who congratulated us for this initiative.

Our team is always here for you!

PME Líder 2015

PME_Lider_2015_2D_coresPLANIMOLDE S.A. was distinguished for the fourth consecutive year by the PME Líder label, attributed to the best Portuguese SMEs (small and medium-sized companies), rewarding by this mean the quality of its accomplishments and risk profile during the year of 2014. Thank you all!

Project Plan4PLASTiCS

Centro2020PLANIMOLDE has the pleasure to announce that the Project Plan4PLASTiCS has been approved by the Directive Commission for the Regional Operational Program of the Centre of Portugal. This nomination follows our application to this program “Centre 2020” last April.

This program is a project with an overall investment of more than 2 million euro, with an investment incentive of 70% by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund). Its implementation in Planimolde should happen between the 01st July 2015 and 30th June 2017.

Besides the acquisition of milling, EDM, grinding and metrology state-of-art equipment, this investment also includes the purchasing of injection machines and the construction of a new building for this new area of business in our company.

PLANIMOLDE will be then fully qualified for providing complete services including the development of new parts in terms of design, the manufacturing of moulds and the production of final plastic parts.

The newest collaborator “Talisca”

2015-08-21Planimolde is getting bigger and our most recent acquisition was Talisca. An honest, committed, curious and exemplar collaborator! Every colleague have been contributing for Talisca to embody Planimolde’s spirit and feel comfortable at his new home and the truth is that Talisca already sits and gives the paw when requested. It is hard to resist the temptation of cuddling him before such a friendly muzzle.

His future is promising and the desire to cooperate is mutual, after all nowadays is not easy to find a home that is open to new “hires” and especially to find such committed collaborators.

One Morning at the Company

2015-07-08For the second consecutive year Planimolde joined the Program “Leiria in– Industry Week” and participated in the activity “One Morning at the Company”.  The program has the goal to open up new generations’ consciousness to the value of industry in our region and give the opportunity to 50 young people from all over the country to get to know during one morning the overall functioning of a tool company.

Today we received 5 young people who had the opportunity to know ours facilities and to understand what kind of work is performed in each different section during the process of the construction of a mould, starting with the project development till the final assembly and adjustment of the mould.

We hope they have enjoyed it, as for us it was a pleasure to have welcomed this young group.

Project BestCrank

Planimolde ends today its co-financed project BestCrank. This consisted in the development of a crank unit with innovative characteristics in the market for bike accessories. The B-crank is machined in aluminium and titanium alloys, with a weight up to 500g, with flexible configuration for road and mountain cassettes and resistant enough to endure 50.000 cycles (with 1800N of load) according to ISO 4210:2014.

The official presentation of the project results took place on the 26th May 2015, at CENTIMFE (Technological Centre for Mouldmaking, Special Tooling and Plastics), within the event D2P – From Design to Product.

We hope that very soon you can see bikes running around with our new (b-)crank…


2015-06-26PLANIMOLDE will be present at the FAKUMA 2015, Stand A1-1301, from the 13th till the 17th October in Friedrichshafen, Germany. We’ll be happy to see you there!


2015-06-05PLANIMOLDE was distinguished by the Millennium BCP bank as an “APPLAUSE COMPANY” for its entrepreneurial vision and for its contribution to the Portuguese economy.


2015-05-15A big thanks to all our customers, suppliers and collaborators for all these years of hard work and commitment and wishes of success to everyone!

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