PLANIMOLDE understands QUALITY as a corporate philosophy based on 4 fundamental principles, adequate to the context of the organization and as a support to its strategic orientation:

To bet on Innovation

As a strong bet on Innovation, it is PLANIMOLDE’s policy to develop new business areas, new conception and development of in-house products and approach of new customers and new markets. PLANIMOLDE assumes to have the capacity to be a reliable partner for differentiating projects and to create a commercial strategy for the promotion and demonstration of its capacities.

To improve Profitability

The image created before the Market in general and the Customers in particular, implies enhanced obligations for PLANIMOLDE, making indispensable the constant improvement of the company’s productivity, the parts and processes normalization, the QUALITY of methods and acquired equipment, either for production or for quality control, supplemented by an effective planning and with highly motivated and competent employees. The continuous improvement of Productivity is the guarantee of the Customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.

To Increase Quality and Products / Services Diversity

From a continuous improvement of the customers and remaining interested parties satisfaction perspective, PLANIMOLDE intends to continue the increment of the provided products and services range, with a constant increment of its quality level.

To Improve Continuously the Management System

PLANIMOLDE commits itself to improve and monitor the Management System’s performance based on the norm NP EN ISO 9001, in order to guarantee the fulfilment of the quality objectives from a continuous improvement perspective.

PLANIMOLDE’s Administration approves and fully supports this Quality Policy, forcing itself, by this means, to comply with the requirements of the norm ISO 9001:2015, of the customers, of the remaining interested parties and of the statutory or legal dispositions.

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